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Grendel, by John Gardner Essay Example For Students

Grendel, by John Gardner Essay All through time individuals have wished to comprehend what creatures need and to comprehend what they are stating. In Grendel, by John Gardner, the people had the chance to comprehend the beast Grendel, yet wouldnt give him a possibility since he was unique. The people simply expected Grendel was driven by creature sense, and along these lines, they evaded him. What they didnt acknowledge about Grendel was the way that he thought equivalent to them and experienced all the feelings they did. Grendel is more human than creature since he thinks and shows feelings on a similar level as people. The greatest thing that isolated Grendel from the remainder of the creatures was the way that he attempted to apply motivation to everything. The entirety of the creatures were dumb and didnt truly study anything. They all just acted dependent on hormones and sense. This was apparent when Grendel was caught in a tree stump and was confronting a charging bull. The bull could have effortlessly slaughtered Grendel had it thought of where to strike, yet rather he battled by sense, daze system ages old. Hed have battled a similar route against a seismic tremor or a bird. The bull would strike a similar spot again and again and all Grendel needed to do was move his leg to stay away from injury. Grendel realized the bull was no peril to him and had the option to unwind and even rest while the bull was charging. The vast majority of the creatures in that circumstance would have ceaselessly battled to break liberated from the tree significantly after the bull missed them on different occasions. Grendel thoroughly considered everything and attempted to genuinely comprehend why things were how they were, and why individuals acted in the odd manners they did. He even attempted to reason through why he was pulled in to the Queen Wealtheow. He regarded her more as a numerical condition than he regarded her as an individual. He depicted her as Not simple to characterize. Scientifically, maybe a torus, freely round and hollow, with swellings and choking influences at stretches This sort of made Grendel more human than most people were. At the point when a human is pulled in to another they typically simply acknowledge it as normal, regular intuition. Grendel became pulled in to Wealtheow and his thinking came in over his intuition. Something else that made Grendel more human than creature was the way that he expected to get things done to shield himself from getting exhausted. The creatures in the book, of course, followed up on intuition and this drove them for the duration of the day. They never thought, so they never acknowledged they werent truly achieving anything, and never understood that they ought to be exhausted. Grendel then again expected to continually plan something for interest himself. He kept an eye on the individuals and when that wasnt enough he connected with them. At a certain point, Grendel gets exhausted with continually coming and eating the people, that when one continues assaulting him, Grendel keeps him alive just to mess around with him. The individual that continually attempted to assault Grendel was named Unferth, and he was attempting to become famous. Rather than eating Unferth, Grendel plays with him. The first occasion when they met Grendel was tossing apples at him. He lifted his blade to make a run at me, and I snickered cried and tossed and apple at him. He hounded, and afterward his mouth dropped open Hey! he hollered. A pardonable pass. Furthermore, presently I was pouring apples at him and giggling myself frail. . Grendel essentially showed human point of view. A feline will play with a mouse before it eats it, however just a human will play with something then not slaughter it. Grendel had no goal of executing Unferth. Grendel additionally played around with the minister Ork when he chose to act like the God of pulverization. Is it accurate to say that somebody is here? he cries. It is I. I state. 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The main reasons creatures attempt to murder things are on the grounds that they have to eat or they are guarding their young. Grendel likewise plays with a goat before he slaughters it, he avoids it utilizing weapons to execute it rather than his hands. Directly before his passing, Grendel is perched on a unimportant when a goat scales towards him. From the outset he is interested by how dumb the goat is for climbing when h e will truly arrive at nothing at the top. In any case, as the goat draws nearer Grendel turns out to be increasingly irritated, until he at last turns out to be furious to the point that he murders him. I tip a stone and let it fall roaring toward him I lay the tree sideways, trust that the goat will be in better range, at that point push Death shakes his body the manner in which high wind shakes trees. He moves towards me. I grab up a stone. . When Grendel had gotten the last stone, the goat was at that point going to bite the dust, however Grendel kept at it in light of his despise and outrage coordinated at it, those two feelings are human and not creature. Grendel is even more an individual than a creature, since he has more human characteristics than creatures. The characteristic that appears to attract him closer to being a human than some other, is his capacity to loathe. Creatures dont abhor, on the grounds that they follow up on impulse and not thought. The capacity to think and reason like a human is likewise Grendels defeat. In the event that Grendel had never contemplated that he was so like people he could never have been associated with them. He would be going around mountains with goats and mounting trees with bulls, rather than being executed in a mead corridor by Beowulf.

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Human Gene Therapy :: Science Genetics Papers

Human Gene Therapy Quality treatment is the utilization of qualities to treat illness. It speaks to a quantum jump in our way to deal with the treatment of human ailment and will significantly affect medication throughout the following ten years. William French Anderson, Michael Biase, and Ken Culver played out the principal fruitful quality treatment on a human in 1990. They built up a convention for treating Adenosine deaminase (ADA) inadequacy, extreme consolidated resistant insufficiency, otherwise called the Boy in the Bubble sickness. ADA insufficiency is an aftereffect of acquiring two duplicates of the faulty ADA quality (as it were it is a latent malady). Ownership of a typical quality prompts the nonstop, customary creation of ADA in cells all through the body. Without in any event one appropriately working quality, kids have no chance to get of changing over deoxyadenosine (a waste item) into inosine. This prompts the quick develop deoxyadenosine in the framework, which becomes phosphoralyse d into a harmful triphosphate which murders T-cell. The outcome is a practically complete disappointment of the safe framework and early demise. Idea of Gene Therapy The term quality treatment initially alluded to proposed medicines of hereditary issue that would include supplanting a damaged quality with its typical partner Current utilization of the term presently reaches out to remember all medications for which there is a presentation of hereditary material into body cells to treat an assortment of maladies. Quality treatment uses two hypothetically potential methodologies: 1) Somatic quality treatment involves the exchange of a quality or qualities into body cells other than germ (egg or sperm) cells with impact just on the patient. The new hereditary material can't be given to posterity. Instances of Somatic quality treatment have just demonstrated to be clinically compelling. The main fruitful medicines of adenosine deaminase insufficiency occurred in 1990 of every 1991 with two patients matured 4 and 11. Both are flourishing with proceeding with treatment. The main fruitful treatment of familial hypercholesterolemia, a hereditary condition, which influences the livers guideline of cholestrols in the blood, occurred in 1992 of a 29-year-elderly person. Her improvement was steady for the year and a half of the examination and liver biopsy exhibited action of the embedded quality and no perceivable variations from the norm. Five patients have been treated as of 1994.Current research including Somatic quality treatment is concentrating on various region s. Clinical preliminaries are being performed on a treatment for cystic fibrosis, an interminable hereditary issue.

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Narrative Essay Sample Writes

Narrative Essay Sample WritesIn fourth grade, students will most likely have access to narrative essay samples on the Internet. This is why narrative essay sample writing will be a big part of their vocabulary. Students will use them to translate short stories and essays into writing. On top of this, they will use them in their writing assignments as well.Another reason that narrative essay samples are important in fourth grade is because they help students prepare for middle school and high school. It helps them to determine the difference between fiction and non-fiction and it helps them determine how to differentiate between one set of words and another. This helps them learn which sentences are correct and which ones are not.In fourth grade, they will be able to write persuasive and convincing essays. They will be able to use persuasive rhetoric in order to get their point across. This will also give them an opportunity to utilize language effectively and learn what it means when they use certain words.Fifth grade is the first year that story telling becomes a part of the curriculum. It is also the first year that narrative essay samples will start to appear in the written portion of the curriculum. They will be a good resource for students as they work on writing their own story.As students move on in fifth grade, they will begin to take narratives more seriously. Narratives are used more often and they will be taking literature courses that focus on storytelling. They will be aware of the differences between romance and horror, and they will begin to understand that using action and conflict is how they create emotion in their stories.Writing is also part of the curriculum in the sixth grade. Writing will become a major part of their curriculum as they are exposed to all forms of writing. For instance, they will be learning how to turn a story into a poem.In seventh grade, narrative essay samples will become more difficult to find. This is because student s will begin to write more in English and not in English composition. Instead, they will be exposed to literature, television and movies. They will continue to read novels and they will also be exposed to plays and films in their regular curriculum.Eighth grade is the final year in which narrative essay samples will be used. This is because it is when they will be writing for their own pleasure and not in their courses. They will also be preparing for their participation in a creative writing program.

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Germanys ambiguous role in the eurozone crisis - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 891 Downloads: 6 Date added: 2019/10/10 Category Statistics Essay Level High school Did you like this example? All through the Eurozone emergency, observers called upon Germany to accept administration. However, Germany has not developed as the sought after developer. As indicated by the issue in question, we watch three unique results: right off the wink, Germany declined to lead; also, Germany accepted initiative, however neglected to convey; thirdly, Germany gone about as a fruitful developer. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Germanys ambiguous role in the eurozone crisis" essay for you Create order This article scrutinizes the explanations behind this difference by dissecting and looking at one case for every result: the main money related help to Greece, the fizzled endeavor to build up a super-official, and the molding of the Fiscal Compact. The investigation incorporates unique information, accumulated through meetings in Brussels, Frankfurt and Berlin. The difference in Germanys conduct can be clarified by utilizing a discerning institutionalism model of administration. Germanys rise as a pioneer relies on upon the normal expenses and advantages of driving. Its effect, conversely, relies on upon its energy, the conveyance of inclinations among the performing artists included, and institutional requirement. Although there has been a high demand for leadership throughout the crisis, Germany emerged as a leader only when the benefits of leading exceeded its costs. Once emerged, Germany influenced the outcomes by means of its superior economic power resources. However, power alone does not suffice to exercise successful leadership. The preferences of the ‘followers’ and the institutional environment also play a crucial role. If we compare the super-commissioner proposal with the shaping of the Fiscal Compact, we see that in both cases the power resources and the institutional constraint were the same. Thus, we can affirm that it is indeed the distribution of preferences which accounts for Germany’s different impact on the outcomes in the two cases. Germany did not emerge as a leader; other actors had the chance or were even forced to take the lead. The ECB’s launch of the OMT, the Commission’s proactive role in shaping the so-called six-pack regulations, but also its unwillingness to take the lead in the issue of Eurobonds, could therefore be further cases to test the theoretical model proposed by this article. Indeed, the article 19 not only aimsto explain Germany’s unsteady role as regards leadership in the crisis, but also to provide a model to explain other situations in which collective actors refrain from offering, fail in delivering, or succeed in exercising political leadership. Greece was living beyond its means even before it joined the euro. After it adopted the single currency, public spending soared. Public sector wages, for example, rose 50% between 1999 and 2007 far faster than in most other Eurozone countries. The government also ran up big debts paying for the 2004 Athens Olympics. And while money flowed out of the governments coffers, its income was hit by widespread tax evasion. So, after years of overspending, its budget deficit the difference between spending and income spiraled out of control. Moreover, much of the borrowing was concealed, as successive Greek governments sought to meet the 3%-of-GDP cap on borrowing that is required of members of the euro .When the global financial downturn hit and Greeces hidden borrowings came to light the country was ill-prepared to cope. Debt levels reached the point where the country was no longer able to repay its loans, and were forced to ask for help from its European partners and the IMF in the fo rm of massive loans. TheEurozone crisis has led Germany’s ordo-liberal principles to trump its other longstanding commitment – i.e. to European integration. These two principles are explored in order then to shed light on how they have played out during the crisis. German centrality has created high expectations for it to provide leadership. Exploring hegemony conceptually and in practice, it is argued that international legitimacy and increasing domestic constraints have limited a leadership role. Indeed, it is argued that it is the domestic political situation that explains why or do-liberalism has trumped pro-Europeanism. Ordo-liberal emphasis on stability culture has provided a valuable strategic resource for securing German objectives within the Eurozone while satisfying the requirements of domestic politics. More significantly, defaulting would allow Greece to avoid fueling its internal political crisis by forfeiting its national sovereignty. Much of the political crisis inside of Greece stems from the Greek publics antipathy to austerity. But another part, which would come to the fore under the German proposal, is that the Greeks do not want to lose national sovereignty. In their long history, the Greeks have lost their sovereignty to invaders such as the Romans, the Ottomans and, most recently, the Nazis. After decades proposing the creation of a political union to make the euro sustainable, Germany has not utilized the ‘window’ offered by the Eurozone crisis to pursue this goal. Using the conceptual devices of the ‘Charta list theory of money’ (which states that a monetary union cannot work without a political union) and ‘hegemony’, three possible explanations are explored in this paper. (1) Germany is slowly becoming a ‘normal’ power; (2) The German public has lost its enthusiasm for European integration; (3) Germany remains a reluctant hegemon and once it has seen that France is still not ready for political union it has refrained from actively promoting this ideal. The conclusion of the paper is that the first two explanations have merits, but the third remains more convincing. Berlin is still determined to build a more federal Europe.

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One Who Flew Over The Cuckoo s Nest And Shutter Island

In both films, One Who Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Shutter Island, lobotomies are used as the last resort in attempts to heal both of the main characters’ mental instability – Randle McMurphy played by Jack Nicholson and Teddy Daniels played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The only difference is that McMurphy is forced to undergo a lobotomy and the mental institution never asked for his permission, while Daniels voluntarily agreed to a lobotomy. A lobotomy is neurosurgical operation in which a blade is inserted into the brain to separate and cut certain nerve fibers in the frontal lobes of the brain. Because of the nature of interfering and severing important nerves in the brain, patients who undergo such drastic surgery never have the same control over their body again, as seen with McMurphy’s character when he lays lifeless on his bed. Therefore, there are moral and ethical considerations regarding lobotomies. In the 1930’s when lobotomies were first in troduced, one of the main U.S. supporters of this procedure, neurologist Walter F. Freeman travelled throughout the world to advertise the positive effects of this new procedure. He even cited a study where thirteen of twenty patients’ conditions supposedly improved after their lobotomies (Lerner 1). There was opposition from other neurologists as they saw the after-effects of the lobotomy performed on one of the Kennedy children – Rosemary Kennedy (Goldberg 1). After the surgery, she was not able to coherently articulate herselfShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Shutter Island By Martin Scorsese And Gone Girl Directed By David Fincher1842 Words   |  8 Pagesrelationships’ is shown in the films, Shutter Island directed by Martin Scorsese and Gone Girl directed by David Fincher, while the idea of ‘troubled minds leading to isolation from and within society’ is shown in the texts, One flew over the Cuckoos Nest by Ken Kesey and Mr Van Gogh by Owen Marshal l. These texts suggest to the reader and viewer, that a troubled mind leads to a troubled soul which correlates to unhealthy relationships and isolation.    The 2014 films, Shutter Island directed by Martin Scorsese

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The Yellow Wallpaper from the Point of View of a Doctors...

The Yellow Wallpaper from the Point of View of a Doctors Wife The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, is a story told from the first person point of view of a doctors wife who has nervous condition. The first person standpoint gives the reader access only to the woman’s thoughts, and thus, is limited. The limited viewpoint of this story helps the reader to experience a feeling of isolation, just as the wife feels throughout the story. The point of view is also limited in that the story takes places in the present, and as a result the wife has no benefit of hindsight, and is never able to actually see that the men in her life are part of the reason she never gets well. This paper will discuss how Gilman’s choice of point of†¦show more content†¦No matter what a woman did or thought, she was still seen as the lesser of the sexes. Like the narrator, women of that time were directed to suppress their creativity as it threatened the dominating males sense of control. By having the narrator be forced to write in secret, There comes John, and I must put this away -- he hates to have me write a word, Gilman was able to show that even the simplest things, like wanting to write were forbidden, lest the male approved (392). Prohibited from working and not being able to contribute to the household as a proper wife, the narrator begins to feel helpless: So I†¦ am absolutely forbidden to ‘work’ until I am well again. Personally, I disagree with their ideas (390). The narrator’s husband and brother both exert their own will over hers, forcing her to do what they think is the appropriate behavior for a sick woman. She has been given a schedule[d] prescription for each hour in the day; [John] takes all care from me (391). The way that she is required to act involves practically no exertion of her o wn free-will. Instead, she is expected to obediently accept the fact that her own ideas are mere fancy, and only the opinions of the men in her life can be trusted. The fact that she is not allowed to think for herself is narrowing the extent of her authority in her life and of her autonomy. With no creative outlet her mind starts to find things upon which to dwell, things that only she can see. Virtually imprisoned inShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The Story Of An Hour And Charlotte Perkins Gilman s The Yellow Wallpaper908 Words   |  4 PagesGilman’s â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† are two short stories that share similar themes and ideas. The authors’ use of point of view, symbolism, and imagery are different but still convey the same basic idea. Both stories cover the theme of marriage and share the idea that marriage is oppressive. The stories focus on two wives desperate to break from the control of their husbands. In â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† the woman’s husband is a doctor therefore he believes he knows what is best for his wife. She wishesRead MoreInsanity in The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman1187 Words   |  5 PagesInsanity in The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman In Charlotte Perkins Gilmans The Yellow Wallpaper, a nervous wife, an overprotective husband, and a large, dank room covered in musty wallpaper all play important parts in driving the wife insane. The husbands smothering attention, combined with the isolated environment, incites the nervous nature of the wife, causing her to plunge into insanity to the point she sees herself in the wallpaper. The authors masterful use ofRead More The Narrative Voice in Araby, Livvie and The Yellow Wallpaper965 Words   |  4 Pages The Narrative Voice in Araby, Livvie and The Yellow Wallpaper nbsp; I hadnt really considered the importance of the narrative voice on the way the story is told until now. In Araby, Livvie and The Yellow Wallpaper the distinctive narrative voices and their influences shed light on hidden meanings and the narrators credibility. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; In Araby the story is told from the point of view of a man remembering a childhood experience. The story is toldRead MoreThe Impact of Family Relationships in â€Å"the Story of an Hour† â€Å"the Yellow Wallpaper†1159 Words   |  5 Pagesrelationships, especially involving spouses can create difficulties and challenges for one or the other, in-turn could create an impact in their relationship. Kate Chopin’s â€Å"The Story of an Hour† and Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† are short stories centralized on the view of two married women, the challenges they endure in their relationships and coping with their spouse. Women wanting to have freedom, having to deal with an illness and their position in the household can create such challengesRead MoreRelationship Between The Story of an Hour The Yellow Wallpaper1303 Words   |  6 PagesOutline * Story of an Hour and Yellow Wallpaper have challenges that were faced by the protagonists, setting looked to be in the same era with men being in charge of their wives lives. * Both women were emotionally and psychically trapped in their relationships * Both wanted freedom from their husbands * Both protagonists had an illness, which lead to had an opposite effect on both characters * Mrs. Millard had a heart condition and the narrator would develop a mentalRead MoreThe Deeper Meaning of The Yellow Wallpaper1257 Words   |  6 PagesCharlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story, The Yellow Wallpaper, is the disheartening tale of a woman suffering from postpartum depression. Set during the late 1890s, the story shows the mental and emotional results of the typical rest cure prescribed during that era and the narrator’s reaction to this course of treatment. It would appear that Gilman was writing about her own anguish as she herself underwent such a treatment with Dr. Silas Weir Mitchell in 1887, just two years after the birth ofRead More Gilman Exposed in The Yellow Wallpaper1290 Words   |  6 PagesGilman Exposed in The Yellow Wallpaper      Ã‚   Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story, The Yellow Wallpaper, is the disheartening tale of a woman suffering from postpartum depression. Set during the late 1890s, the story shows the mental and emotional results of the typical rest cure prescribed during that era and the narrator’s reaction to this course of treatment. It would appear that Gilman was writing about her own anguish as she herself underwent such a treatment with Dr. Silas Weir MitchellRead MoreThe Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman1423 Words   |  6 Pagesinfluence, including wealth, sex, age, profession, education, and even race. In the short story â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, this correlation and abuse of influence is portrayed through an inside look into the deteriorating mind of a woman whose life is being controlled by her influential, high in social status husband. Although he believes that he is doing the right thing for his wife by making dec isions for her, he is in fact doing the opposite. After all, according to Newton,Read MorePsychological Case Study : The Yellow Wallpaper1453 Words   |  6 PagesPsychological Case Study: â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† by Charlotte Perkins Gilman â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† by Charlotte Perkins Gilman was published for the first time in 1892 and it is oftentimes referred as being a psychological, feminist, or even a Gothic story. The author portrays her own personal experience with postpartum depression by creating this impressive fictional story which sent such a strong message to all women from that period of time. It was a man’s World in which woman where seenRead MoreThe Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin And The Yellow Wallpaper1395 Words   |  6 PagesThe Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin and The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman written in the 1890s both reflect gender roles of this time, specifically women’s roles. In these stories both of the women are oppressed by their marriages, and by the end of the stories both wish to be rid of their husbands. Also, in both of these stories these women experience mental illnesses, mainly depression. These illnesses were looked at as something minor during this time, was it because psychologists

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Factor Investing and Alternative Risk Premia -

Question: Discuss about the Factor Investing and Alternative Risk Premia. Answer: Introduction: Optimal portfolio of risky assets is a combination of the investment that has been drafted for lowering the overall risk from total investments in the portfolio. Generation of the overall Optimal portfolio is mainly helpful in reducing the risk from investment and generating a constant return. Optimal portfolio directly evaluates the correlation between stocks and identifies adequate weight for investment, which could be used in generating higher revenue from investment. Barone-Adesi and Carcano (2015) mentioned that use of overall optimal portfolio directly allows the investment to reduce the risk by investing in different weights only on assets for generating higher revenue and declining the risk from investment. On the other hand, Berndt, Bilolo and Meynhardt (2015) argued that optimal portfolio does not ensure that investments in the market is risk free and cannot be affected by the volatile capital market. Hence, it could be assumed that with the help of optimal portfolio invest ors able to use combination of different assets that could directly generate returns from investment. Furthermore, the use of risk free asset in the portfolio could eventually allow the organisation to increase the return, while reducing its risk factor. The inclusion of the risk free asset directly allows the portfolio to generate return comprising of reduced risk. Moreover, the risk free asset does not react to the volatile capital market, which directly helps in maintaining constant returns from the portfolio that includes risk free asset. Risk free asset also allows the investor to directly reduce the risk from high risk assets and generate a constant return. Hence, in the portfolio depicted in the Excel sheet use of risk free asset could eventually help in reducing the risk from investment. The use of risk free portfolio in the portfolio would eventually help in improving Sharpe ratio, as the overall risk free rate of 8% will be included in the return that is provided from the portfolio. This would eventually help in reducing any kind of risk from investment and generate higher return, which could form an adequate portfolio (Bruder, Kostyuchyk and Roncalli 2016). From the overall evaluation in the portfolio it could be identified that the return is relatively 17.22%, while the standard deviation is 5.32% for the portfolio. Hence, the use of risk free asset in the current portfolio could eventually help in increasing the return, while declining the standard deviation. This could eventually help in strengthening the portfolio returns and improve ability of the portfolio to generate higher returns with low risk. Bodie (2013) mentioned that increment the overall return generation capacity of the portfolio with lower risk can only be achieved by including risk free asset. Therefore, it could be understood that use of risk free asset in the portfolio could eventually allow the investor to reduce the risk further and generate higher returns. Furthermore, the organisation using optimal portfolio with risk free asset could eventually help in identifying the adequate weight of the portfolio assets which could reduce risk from investment. Reference: Barone-Adesi, G. and Carcano, N. eds., 2015.Modern Multi-Factor Analysis of Bond Portfolios: Critical Implications for Hedging and Investing. Springer. Berndt, T., Bilolo, C. and Meynhardt, T., 2015. Investing in Legitimacy: A Performance Analysis of Public Value Stock Portfolios. Bodie, Z., 2013.Investments. McGraw-Hill. Bruder, B., Kostyuchyk, N. and Roncalli, T., 2016. Risk Parity Portfolios with Skewness Risk: An Application to Factor Investing and Alternative Risk Premia.